On July 16, 2018, the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission announced an increase in filing fees.

Effective August 1, 2018, the filing fee for requests for hearings, settlements, and motions will increase from twenty-five dollars ($25) to fifty dollars ($50). Per the announcement, the funds raised by this increase will help support the development and implementation of the IT Legacy Modernization Project; a program to transform the agency’s business system and processes by upgrading the existing claims management system. Anticipated benefits will be improved security of data, ability to provide financial transactions of fees and fines electronically, creating an avenue for filing pleadings electronically, and document accessibility by parties. This increase was approved by the South Carolina General Assembly as part of the FY18-19 State Budget. Carriers should ensure that all South Carolina claims are updated with this information to avoid delays resulting from filings made without the proper fee.

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Lee Dixon

Lee E. Dixon
Columbia, SC

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