New Taxpayer ID & Mailing Address for the North Carolina Industrial Commission

New Taxpayer Identification Number

Effective November 1, the NCIC’s Taxpayer Identification Number will be 56-1401519.

Please make any checks to the Industrial Commission payable to Department of Insurance-Industrial Commission.

New U.S. Mail Address Changes to NCIC

Effective November 1, the NCIC’s Mail Service Center will accept mail for their Raleigh Office to the 4 mailboxes outlined below using the Department of Insurance prefix of “12” in place of the Department of Commerce’s “43”.  Mail addressed to the old box numbers will be forwarded for some weeks, but please update your address books to reflect the changes. All NCIC Forms (available at have been updated to reflect the new addresses:

New Mailbox Number – 1236
Clerk’s Office
Deputy Commissioners (Raleigh)
Executive Secretary’s Office
Full Commission
Information Specialists
Medical Billing
Nursing & Medical Rehabilitation Section

New Mailbox Number – 1235
Claims Administration

New Mailbox Number – 1233
Fraud Investigations
Safety Education & Training

New Mailbox Number – 1240

General Counsel
Legislative Liaison

(Please note that most documentation sent to the NCIC should still be sent via their EDFP).

​Please contact your Hedrick Gardner counsel with questions about these changes.


Photo of attorney Jeff Kadis

Jeffrey A. Kadis

Photo of attorney Jennifer Ruiz

Jennifer V. Ruiz

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Erica B. Lewis